Today was to be the Milwaukee Brewers home 2020 opener. And it’s not.

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  • Today was to be the Milwaukee Brewers home 2020 opener. And it’s not.
Today was to be the Milwaukee Brewers home 2020 opener.  And it’s not.

Today was to be the Milwaukee Brewers home 2020 opener. And it’s not.

Jeremy Cherny Blog

There is the game itself and then there is the experience of being at the game.  What is that experience like for you?  Maybe it’s getting together with friends or family and grilling out?  Maybe it’s taking the afternoon off and popping a beer with friends and playing catch or corn hole.  What does all that feel like for you?  Maybe happy, laughing, relaxing, being connected with friends?  Whatever that is for you, I invite you to create something that brings you that experience while you’re safe at home.  Give yourself a little break during these uncertain times.  It may reduce stress and clear your mind.  It may be just the ticket right now! 

Here are a few ideas and feel free to share some back.

  • Move your grill to your driveway
  • Cook up some burgers, brats, and hotdogs
  • Make your favorite tailgate foods
  • Bring out the corn hole game
  • Play catch with your kids
  • Fill a cooler with your favorite adult beverages and have a social distance acceptable conversation with your neighbors over the fence
  • Organize a video call with the people you’d normally be tailgating with
  • Call some old friends or some family and see how they’re doing
  • Encourage your team to wear their fan gear
  • Find your baseball card collection and share it with your kids

Tobin Solutions and Working from Home

Your Team Tobin is working remotely and we’re available to support you 24/7.  We are in full operation and considered an essential business.    

We’ve been working overtime helping our customers get setup to work from home so their team can stay productive and keep their businesses moving forward.  Our team is cheerful and willing to help.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you need anything.    

Some Notes on Working From Home

  1. We created a security-in-a-box solution for your home users.  Safe and secure remote computing is critical so you don’t get hit with something in the midst of all this.  We did a blog post about working from home using untrusted computers.  We recommend you consider that and see how it affects you.  Please do not allow untrusted computers on your network.
  2. How are you communicating with your customers, vendors, prospects, and team during this time?  We created a Constant Contact boot-camp to help you get your message out now with email blasts and newsletters.
  3. We’ve created boot-camp style training around Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting so you can get up and running quickly to collaborate with your team and conference with your customers.  Learn how to do this effectively now to keep up productivity and connectedness.

Let us know how we can help you during this time.  We appreciate you and we’re here for you.

Remember the #1 rule of being on a roller coaster – don’t get off while it’s moving.  And learn to enjoy the ride!

Be safe, be well, be strong, be in action.