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Helpdesk IT Support Customer Guide

IT Helpdesk Features

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Contact us via email or phone
  • Most problems can be solved remotely through the helpdesk
  • Initiate other requests

Email-based Support Instructions


  1. Send a new email to:
  2. Use a separate email for each issue/request for unique tracking.  Please do not bundle requests.
  3. In the email subject line, provide a short description (or title) of the issue.
  4. In the email body, provide details of the problem, with any error messages or screen prints.

Examples of details:

  • Name or ID of the user
  • Name of the machine affected
  • What the user was doing at the time of the problem
  • Steps you’ve already taken to attempt to resolve the problem
  • Screen shot of the problem
  • Best time and phone number to reach you
  • Watch for your special automatic email acknowledgment and ticket number. You will also receive other special emails when an engineer is assigned and for  other updates.
  • To respond or update us about the issue, please REPLY to the special email you receive rather than creating a new email. This allows the system to keep all related  information in the same ticket.
  • If you have to notify us of a new or unrelated problem, please send a separate email using these same procedures and DO NOT reply to an existing or old ticket email.  Please do not bundle requests.

Phone-based Support Instructions

  1. Call 1-414-443-9999, option 1.
  2. If you don’t get a live person during normal business hours or after-hours/weekend; our automated on-call paging system will answer so you can leave a voicemail:
  • Select 1 for emergencies or when a rapid response is required
  • Select 2 for less urgent requests (4-hour response during business hours or next business day response for after-hours calls)