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SleepWell Backup and Disaster Recovery System

SleepWell Backup and Disaster Recovery System

SleepWell™ is a registered trademark of Tobin Solutions. It is the brand name we attribute to our full suite of managed security products. SleepWell managed security services are developed, selected, and managed by Team Tobin according to our vision, mission, and values. It’s this combination that adds value to what may otherwise be a commodity technology solution.

Tobin SleepWell DRS (Disaster Recovery System) is a flexible system designed to meet all facets of regular server backups, business continuity, and disaster recovery of your mission-critical servers and workstations. We handle the tricky parts and supply you with the reporting and periodic testing that brings you true peace of mind.

How it Works

The SleepWell-DRS hardware appliance is installed on your network. The backup agents are installed on the servers and workstations to be protected. The initial backup snapshots are created and tested. They are copied to a portable hard drive and shipped to the offsite data center for the initial seeding. Regular incremental snapshots are created and sent to the offsite data center via the Internet. Everything is verified, tested, and monitored.


  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty
  • Unlimited Backup Agents
  • On-Site Server and Workstation Virtualization with Daily Testing on Selected Models.
  • Off-Site Backup Storage in Bi-Coastal Data Centers
  • Off-Site Server and Workstation Virtualization
  • Regular Reporting and 24/7 Monitoring
  • Flexible Upgrade Policy
  • Secure Encrypted Data