Tobin Connect

Tobin Connect

Tobin Connect

What’s Tobin Connect?

Regularly scheduled visits from a Tobin Engineer to review and maintain your company’s systems and technology.

  • Face to face connections with you and your team
  • Visual inspections
  • Enhance your planning and budgeting
  • Keep your team happy, productive and effective

During the visit, the Engineer will:

  • View and address maintenance items
  • Review health reports with you to uncover blind spots
  • Complete a thorough walk-through of the office to address any issues that come to mind for your team and anything the Engineer determines needs attention
  • Handle on site tasks like moving computers or asset disposal
  • Wrap up and let you know what got completed and who is doing what by when for any action items

Benefits of Tobin Connect:

  • Custom scheduling for recurring visits
  • Monthly flat billing
  • Mitigate your risks
  • Uncover opportunities

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