Share and work together with OneDrive 

OneDrive with Office 365 allows you to share and work together on ALL your files. This includes your personal files and files shared with you in Office 365. And you can access those files from any device including mobile, PC, Mac or via a web browser. Since most of us don’t work in a silo, OneDrive makes it simple to share files inside and outside your organization across web, desktop, mobile and to the backstage of Office. 

Collaborate and share 
Only with OneDrive can you co-author documents using the Office web apps AND Office mobile apps AND desktop Office clients for Windows. You can’t do that with your files stored on file shares, Box, Dropbox, or in Google Drive. 

You can use OneDrive to share Microsoft Office documents, files, and entire folders with people. The files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you decide to share them, and you can stop sharing at any time. OneDrive provides a secure way for external sharing of files and folders in OneDrive.  And when you are sharing externally with those that don’t already have a Microsoft account, it’s made easier with a simple email verification to provide their identity. 

Easily find files
Finding content can be one of the biggest inefficiencies you have on a daily basis and with OneDrive, you can quickly find the files that matter most. Using the intelligence of the Microsoft Graph, you’re able to get back to your recent files, files that have been shared with you, or recommended files based on your working relationships with others. These personalized recommendations can help you discover content you might not have been aware of and is unique to OneDrive and Office 365. 

Modern Attachments   
OneDrive makes it easier to share in email, not by adding additional steps but by modifying the ingrained behavior of how people share file attachments with modern attachments. Modern attachments include links to cloud files and automatically provides the right file access. OneDrive integrates with Outlook to allow seamless sharing of OneDrive files that appear just like email attachments. This feature provides a familiar sharing experience but centralizes storage of attachments in OneDrive, providing collaborative benefits such as version control typically lost when users email documents back and forth. 

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