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Milwaukee’s Best Places to Work

Tobin Solutions is Milwaukee's Best Places to Work

We are Milwaukee’s Best Places to Work!  Honored for having the best culture and leadership and where employees feel the most engaged by their jobs and management.

We’re ranked according to the 10 core areas of engagement: teamwork, retention, alignment with goals, trust with co-workers, individual contribution, manager effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, job satisfaction and benefits.

TOBIN SOLUTIONS INC., 10437 Innovation Drive, Suite 425, Wauwatosa

Score: 93.43

Describe your company culture in five words. “Autonomy, fun, growth, rewarding, teamwork”

Describe specific ways you ensure all of your employees know they are valued. “To ensure all Tobin employees know they are valued, we encourage employees to provide ideas and recommendations, and we listen without any judgment or punishment. There is also regular acknowledgment of employee accomplishments at our team meetings held every Friday. Lastly, we work together to provide the best benefits to employees. Aflac was recently added as an option on our health care plan.”

What concrete steps do your senior leaders take to create a great work environment for all employees? “Leadership is very transparent and organizes a Team Day meeting each quarter to review financials and where we stand as a company. Opinions and ideas are valued and listened to by leadership, and employees are always encouraged to give them. We have a total open door policy.”

Give us some specific examples of how your company creates opportunities for individual development and career growth at all levels of the company. “All Tobin employees have access to training documents and videos, and the company will pay for any approved certifications and training seminars employees want to attend.”

How would you describe your company in 30 seconds to someone you meet at a cocktail party? “Tobin Solutions is an IT company that provides information technology services and solutions to business. We value relationships, teamwork, service, systems, and technology.”

What are the most popular perks you offer to employees? “Free lunch on Fridays, free snacks and drinks, paid day off on your birthday, team events at work and outside of work, overtime is available, company pays for large portion of benefits, health care, Aflac option, and 401(k) matching”

How does being a Best Place to Work affect your bottom line? “Being a Best Place to Work will help us retain our top clients and lower turnover, ultimately saving our company money. It’s our job to create a vision and build a team, and people want to be on a winning team with benefits and rewards. During good and bad times, ‘Team Tobin’ sticks together to produce great results and steps up when difficult decisions need to be made. We’re looking forward to seeing the other ways our company can benefit from being a Best Place to Work!”

Please see our Indeed site for current openings or send your resume to with your idea for a new position.

We’re constantly looking for talented and committed individuals to join Team Tobin in the following areas:

  • 1st Level Help Desk/Service Desk
  • 2nd Level Help Desk/Service Desk
  • Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Project manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Finance and Administrative
  • Sales and Marketing