The value of your feedback

The value of your feedback

The value of your feedback

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Our mission is to provide a better technology experience from start to finish. We guarantee outstanding service; a professional, positive, I-want-to-help attitude from our staff with plain language communication; reliable processes with clear expectations management; a consultative approach to problem solving; and a Security First approach to everything we do for you and your business.

Now do we always do that? Nope. And nevertheless it is our commitment to you. Knowing when we’re doing well by you and when we’re not is valuable feedback we use to improve our service to be consistent with providing a better technology experience. We currently average over 94% customer satisfaction. Improving our service is like climbing a mountain with no top. We’re never done.

One way you can have a valuable impact on the caliber of service we provide is to utilize our easy one-click survey we send you at the close of every ticket and project. These survey results are immediately sent to our Service Manager who reviews all of them and responds to any concerns that may arise during your interaction with us. The positive comments, if permitted, are shared on our website. 

We use a service called SmileBack that is integrated into our ticketing system to make sure your responses are connected to the correct ticket/project. SmileBack is designed specifically for customer service help desks. The platform is designed to make the feedback loop between you, our clients, and Tobin Solutions as frictionless as possible. They consistently rank as one of the best-in-class customer satisfaction feedback platforms. 

To respond, it’s as simple as clicking on the appropriate smiley face and clicking submit. You also have an option to leave a comment and select the selecting the Marketing Permission option if we are permitted to share the comment on our website. 

Our team takes service seriously! Please help us to help you with regular feedback – positive, neutral, or negative so we can continue to fulfill on our commitment of a better technology experience for you.