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Over-the-Air DVR [Cutting the Cord with Tablo]

Jeremy Cherny Blog

I’ve been a cord-cutter for many years now.  After Netflix streaming arrived on the Roku, I found that my family and I watched it almost exclusively.  The only things we watch on network/cable television is the local news, the Green Bay Packers, and a few network shows like The Big Bang Theory which hasn’t come to Netflix streaming yet.

Using an inexpensive over-the-air antenna, I’ve been able to watch the Packers, and Sheldon Cooper and the gang in glorious digital HD TV – all for free and it works great!

And when it’s time to let the dog out or grab a snack, I have to wait for a commercial like in olden times.  And about those commercials – they seem to go on forever!  What’s been missing for me is time-shifting – the ability to pause live TV, to record it for later viewing, and of course, skipping commercials.

I’ve played around with a few different solutions over the years and finally settled in on the Tablo DVR.  It sits in a hidden corner of our home and it’s connected to our WiFi network.  I gave it an antenna, a portable USB hard drive, and installed the Tablo app on our Roku.

Now from the comfort of my couch, I have full DVR functionality for broadcast television.  I can watch live TV and record my favorite shows for later viewing.  During football season, I can pause the action and grab a beer without missing a single play!

As with any Internet connected device, please install your Tablo securely.

The excellent How Tablo Works page is a great place to further explain the technology and how to set one up for yourself.  Have fun and enjoy!