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Facebook Public Security Surprise

Facebook Public Security Surprise

Jeremy Cherny Blog

Recently I was was surfing Facebook and noticed that someone I didn’t know liked one of my photos. My personal Facebook page is for friends only so I was surprised.

I used the Audience Selector drop down on the picture and it was set to public. I’m unsure how that happened. I changed the setting from Public to Friends and that solved that.

Now I was very curious what a non-friend sees when viewing my personal Facebook page. Facebook has a feature that allows this. Using the View As option, I could now see the public view. I was surprised. There were several items including certain photos available for anyone to see.

Again, I was able to change the Audience Selector setting of an item but there were many items to change. I was curious if there was a way to change them all and found and used an option called Limit Past Posts and that solved that. My public personal Facebook page was clean aside from my profile photo.

I had a thought… what about people who search for me or maybe me as a business owner? What would I want them to see? I decided that some items I share on my personal Facebook page that come from my Tobin Solutions Facebook page should be public. I intentionally selected a few and using the Audience Selector, I changed them to Public. If you aren’t one of my Facebook friends and you are on Facebook, my page looks like this.

For me, this is the best of both worlds. I hope it helps you as well.