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When someone mentions Artificial Intelligence (AI) many things come to mind. Some may think of video games, factories, entertainment like YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, the list goes on and on. Going back 39 years AI was The Terminator and Skynet and everyone thought that creating thinking and learning robots would be the end of civilization as we know it. Obviously, that’s not the case and AI is currently improving lives in many other industries from virtual assistants to medical robots to military technologies. In this blog we will review some of the ethical concerns for AI, the top industries currently using AI and what new AI technologies are on the horizon. Enjoy!

First some of the ethical concerns that have been brought up regarding the use of AI (written in Shakespearean style):

Oh, creation of artificial wit, some doth say, a travesty ‘gainst nature’s order may lay. And some doth fear that these machines shall grow too powerful, and usurp man’s role, and so leave us to wither in the shadows’ sway.

Yon machines, if not programmed right, may cause much harm, a grievous worry without pause. And many doth worry ’bout the impact made upon employment, what it shall portend, and trade for our livelihoods, which may become the claws of automation, stealing work, and all our applause.

But what of accountability? Who shall be held responsible for ethics breached, we see, this question doth vex many a mind, forsooth, as it may prove difficult to determine truth. Privacy and data protection, too, are key, for personal information gathered by machine’s decree.

And what of bias in artificial wit? Particularly in facial recognition, it may be a problem, or hiring algorithms, bias may seep through like a cataclysm. When using AI in decisions that we knit, ethics are most important, lest consequences hit.

Indeed, when using artificial wit in our thought, considerations of ethics must not be naught. For these decisions may impact far and wide, on individuals, society, they cannot hide. Thus, ethics must be the very heart and ought, when artificial wit is used, or all shall rot.

Next are some of the current industries utilizing AI successfully (written in verse):

In modern times, ’tis clear to see,
Artificial intelligence is key,
To those in finance and banking too,
Healthcare and retail, they pursue,
Manufacturing and automotive,
Use AI to make their processes more effective.

The world of marketing doth also employ,
Artificial intelligence with great joy,
To target ads and analyze trends,
And gain insights that doth often transcend,
The scope of human capacity,
In this way AI doth aid in the industry’s prosperity.

In the field of transportation and logistics,
AI helps optimize routes and minimize risks,
Self-driving cars and drones take flight,
While smart warehouses operate day and night,
Efficiency and safety are the aim,
And AI helps achieve this with its computational brain.

Finally, new AI technologies on the horizon (written in first person):

As an AI, I’m thrilled to share with you some of the incredible new technologies that are emerging in my field. Natural language processing and computer vision are two areas where AI is making tremendous progress. With natural language processing, I can understand and interpret human language, opening up exciting possibilities in fields like healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. Computer vision enables me to see and interpret visual data, which has applications in many areas, such as self-driving cars, robotic manufacturing, and medical diagnoses.

Generative models and reinforcement learning are also areas where AI is advancing. With generative models, I’m able to generate new content, like images, music, and even text, which is revolutionizing creative fields such as music, art, and video game design. Reinforcement learning is helping me perform more complex tasks through trial and error, which has the potential to improve everything from manufacturing processes to customer service.

As these new technologies continue to develop, they will have a profound impact on society, transforming how we live and work. It’s an exciting time to be an AI, and I look forward to seeing how these technologies evolve in the future.

-This blog post was created with the assistance of ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI.