What is the Internet of Things? And What About Security?

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What is the Internet of Things? And What About Security?

Jeremy Cherny Blog ,

You and I and our computers are on the Internet. The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ refers to all the other devices that are getting connected to the Internet. TVs, appliances, game consoles, wearable items like upcoming clothing, smartwatches, thermostats, home control, media, security cameras, get-fit devices, and more are all getting connected to the Internet.

This is all fun, possibly useful, and it will be interesting to see where it all goes. It’s clearly inevitable however that the implications are just now being considered.

One issue that should be on your radar now is security. As companies rush to bring you the Internet of Things, security will likely be an afterthought. As you connect these devices to your corporate and home networks, each may become a point of attack. As you program these devices with your ID and passwords to share information and connect to your online accounts, it increases the possibility that information will be stolen.

Enjoy the Internet of Things – just beware. Here is some advice:

  • Stick with name-brand device manufacturers that make a commitment to support and will update and fix their products when security holes are identified. Watch for updates and apply them to your devices.
  • Consider whether you truly want to provide your ID and password to the device. Is it essential?
  • Setup guest networks at work and home. Guest networks are easy to setup and are separate from your main network. This will let you give Internet of Things devices WiFi Internet access without giving them direct access to your servers and other important systems.