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Where Most Security Solutions Fall Short

Where Most Security Solutions Fall Short

Jeremy Cherny Blog ,

While most businesses protect their systems and data against external threats like malware, many overlook the biggest cause of data breaches: internal risks. Internal vulnerabilities are responsible for 70% of all data breaches in small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).


If you think most data breaches are due to malicious insiders, you’d be wrong. Forrester found that only 12% of security incidents are caused by disgruntled employees with mal intent. Whereas, a whopping 27% of security breaches were caused by employees’ inadvertent misuse of data. This means that if your company does experience a security breach, it’s 2x as likely to be perpetrated by a reliable employee rather than disgruntled worker. In short, your best employees could also be your greatest risk.


As a SMB, protecting against internal vulnerabilities is important because 50% of companies that experience a data breach fold within six months. Your business can’t afford to be without checks and balances to ensure internal risks are minimized.


A comprehensive security-as-a-service solution should include ongoing internal vulnerability detection, alerts, and remediation options. Even if your company is able to effectively detect internal vulnerabilities, experts recommend hiring a third party to evaluate risks at least once per year.

Not all security service providers are the same. We can provide and perform this important task for your company. To learn more about how to prevent internal vulnerabilities, contact us today.  Founded in 1996, Tobin Solutions Inc. is a full-service managed security provider based in Milwaukee, WI. Our mission is to proactively identify and eliminate internal and external security threats, thereby giving our customers the peace of mind to focus on building a more profitable future.

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