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Get ready for the Security Strong Podcast with your host, Jeremy Cherny, founder and CEO of Tobin Solutions, Wisconsin’s leading provider of IT services and information security solutions.

Information security is critical in today’s world. Systems are more complex than ever. We’re under constant attack. New threats emerge daily. And yet, cyber security is often an after-thought or poorly executed leaving your data and systems vulnerable.

In our Security Strong podcast, we talk about security as a process, not a product. We interview thought leaders and those accountable for information security. We discuss the latest issues, best practices, and war stories you can learn from to protect your business and what matters to you.


  • What to expect from the future of Internet security with Steve Moscarelli
    Host Jeremy Cherny interviews Steve Moscarelli, Regional Sales Manager at Thales Cloud Security “I knew that the internet was going to be the future when I was in college. I had roommates working at the New Media Lab
  • Using common sense to stay secure with Joe Dietrich
    Host Jeremy Cherny interviews Joe Dietrich, Manager of Hosting and Storage for Dover Corporation  “Dover Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer. We’ve got about 325 global locations with about 23,000 employees worldwide. What I do for Dover is lead
  • Best practices for keeping your business’ information secure
    This week, we’re doing something a little different on the Security Strong Podcast. It’s just me, we’re doing kind of a fireside chat mode here. I’m sitting in a rocking chair near the fire and I am thinking
  • Security in the world of HR with Amy Fallucca
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Amy Fallucca, CEO of Bravent  “Bravent has been around for about four years. We are an HR consulting and recruiting company. On the HR side, we help with anything from handbooks, to advising on
  • Improve security through Mobile Device Management with Max Palzewicz
    Host Jeremy Cherny interviews Max Palzewicz, Director of Operations at Rocketman Tech “I started out my career in public accounting, primarily working and advising small business owners. I got my CPA and I was able to join my
  • Know your data with Jason Claycomb
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Jason Claycomb, Founder of INARMA “INARMA is a professional services firm. The short tagline is ‘We assess controls.’ So I really like how you think of security as a process and not a product
  • E-commerce website security with Lori McDonald
    Jeremy Cherny interviews Lori McDonald, President and CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions “I started my career at NASA Johnson Space Center as a flight controller for the space shuttle program where I met my husband. He went on
  • Train your users with Gjeret Stein
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Gjeret Stein, Owner of Ultra Scary LLC. “I started in the IT world in 1994. I started learning computers and an operating system called Open DMS. So anybody who knows about DMS is usually
  • Securing a law firm with James Oryszczyn
    “I support network applications, video conferencing, and bundling security. We have a lot of sensitive client data. So we get a lot of client audits making sure that we’re complying with all security programs – and also making
  • Cyber insurance with Arlene Petersen
    “We are an insurance and risk management consulting firm, not an agent or broker. We don’t sell insurance. We provide advice on how to handle risk to our clients. That is oftentimes an insurance product, but not always,
  • IT during COVID with Paul Riedl
    “River Run is an IT firm in Wisconsin, we focus on working with small- to mid-sized businesses. My role in the organization is to help. As CEO, I get to be the chief cook and the dishwasher. I
  • MacOS security with Brian Lamantia
    “I’ve been doing this for a few years now just completely involved in that. And I use that to ride security down to our macOS users in our environment. We’re fully Integrated with an MDM. We use Jam, which
  • The importance of a backup with Roger Heindl
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Roger Heindl, Owner of Tech Lab, Inc. “We’re an IT support company. We provide home and business support for companies in Southeast Wisconsin. I’ve been working in IT for almost 20 years. We have
  • Staying mindful with Sandra Estok
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Sandra Estok, Founder and CEO of Way2Protect “I’m an expert in the fields of cybersecurity, IT, and data privacy. Through my stories, experience and expertise, I help people feel empowered in navigating the cyberworld.
  • Getting educated with Pat Riley
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Pat Riley, President and CEO of New Horizons of Wisconsin “We’ve grown to be Wisconsin’s largest provider of technology training and skill improvement. We work with clients on everything from end user training in
  • Protection at the pump with Chris King
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Chris King, Network Analyst for a large petrochemicals corporation. “I provide second level network support for a large company in the petroleum world. What that entails is for our retail locations around the country,
  • Security in investing with Sean Tepper
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Sean Tepper, Founder and CEO of TYKR “I’ve been in the software engineering space for about 15 years. I started a business in 2006 where I was focused on building custom software and websites
  • Make a good password with Duane Maas
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Duane Maas, President of MC Services “I started doing computer consulting in ‘96 so I ended up doing a lot of stuff with the internet because nobody knew how to do it – learning
  • Small business security with Joe Skotarzak
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Joe Skotarzak, General Manager at MotherG-Wisconsin “At MotherG, we’re focussed on being a managed service provider. We really strive to help small businesses manage their technology. Security is a big part of that, so
  • The trade-off for security with Eric Clark
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Eric Clark, Client Success Associate at SWICKtech “Client Success Associate is something I’m not entirely sure what the title entails. But I will say that our client’s success is one of our core values
  • Using your auto-attendant for security with Jesse Gnas
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Jesse Gnas, owner of ACS.  “We are basically a business that sells cloud based solutions for voice and data. And we are a full service, single point of contact for all your needs. So
  • Security importance when working from home with Dave Steffen
    Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Dave Steffen, a business coach with Action Coach.  “And for those of you that don’t know what business coaching is, it’s really just my job to help business owners grow and succeed and thrive
  • Social Capital: Go out on the skinny branches with Jeremy Cherny
    Jeremy Cherny, President and Owner of Tobin Solutions was recently featured on Social Capital podcast episode 096. Jeremy spoke with Lori Highly, the host of the Social Capital podcast, about social media security, keys to success in business,