Using your auto-attendant for security with Jesse Gnas

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Using your auto-attendant for security with Jesse Gnas

Using your auto-attendant for security with Jesse Gnas

Jeremy Cherny Podcast

Host: Jeremy Cherny interviews Jesse Gnas, owner of ACS. 

“We are basically a business that sells cloud based solutions for voice and data. And we are a full service, single point of contact for all your needs. So that includes the project management through the entire process. So when our clients order new services from us, whether it be a cloud based phone solution or data, we manage that purchase from start to finish. “

Why is security important? 

“The reason we incorporate those is because they are a very essential lifeline for our businesses to maintain their business model. And in the event, there are any security issues, we want to make sure while we partner with Tobin solutions, that we exhaust all those possibilities that could occur, because they’d otherwise be compromising the business model. “

What are you seeing from your side of things in the world of data comp and telecommunications and the demands on you and what people have been around requesting right now?

“The businesses that we currently work with, we’ve set them up already in an environment where they’re able to take their desk phone home, and use their internet at home as a remote teleworker.”

How do you stay on top of all these different security threats that are out there?

“We really encourage having an Auto Attendant and I know most businesses love to answer the phone live and they like to take that call and differentiate, differentiate themselves. However, a simple Auto Attendant would say thank you for calling Tobin’s solutions. If you’d like to speak to someone live, please press one. that eliminates 100% of the robo calls because robocalls cant’ press one. So it really increases the productivity of the receptionist and many receptionists that I see are “

What are some things you did in your prior role in IT around protecting people’s data?

“You know, for example, you could put your accounting system on your network. But if you don’t have any kind of security measure put in place, everybody, every employee that has asked for access to that network could access anything at all. So that includes all of your financials, your general ledger. And then it also includes not just accessing and viewing, but the ability to modify and change and or delete.”

How do you educate your customers on security around Telecom, telecommunications and phone systems?

“We do risk management in our own conversations. Is there any value to having this business turned over to you or an assessment because if someone’s in denial, that they’ve never had a problem, we try to encourage everyone to educate our customers that if you have not had one, a virus or any kind of attack on your business, it’s only a matter of time that you will.”